So you want to be a man? Welcome to life on Hard mode.

Being a man isn’t easy, it’s harder than being a woman. Average men envy average women because it’s easier. There is less responsibility and there are higher rewards for embracing mediocrity when you’re a woman. But get it right, really learn how to become a man, indulge in your pain and use your weakness, hatred and suffering to forge the mind of a philosopher as well as the body of a gladiator and you’ll transcend to a level that women can only dream of.

Men are the disposable sex, because likewise, they’re the experimental one. Whilst many experiments fail, those that survive the flames of the bunsen burner yield miraculous results. Women are humanity’s control group. The majority are average and unremarkable and lack the capacity to ever be anything other than average. They are rigid in their potential. Whilst they envy the heights they see great men reach, they neglect to notice the depths that many a failed man has plunged to in pursuit of his manhood. A fate they need not ever fear.

There are many reasons for why a man fails to handle/lead women. The most common is the man was raised in a feminist culture bereft of accurate knowledge about relationships and manhood. Another, perhaps more tragic is when a patriarch gets ill and loses his vitality after an accident/old age, and by the loss of authority his ailment brings about, he becomes unattractive to his woman. It doesn’t really matter what the reason is, because the bottom line is that as a man you don’t get to be weak.

If you’re weak, you’re unattractive and you lose out. You lose out in a way a woman doesn’t for being weak. Female weakness is a source of power for “raising awareness,” playing on the “save-a-hoe” complex of men to protect the fair maiden. Whilst male weakness on the other hand has no place in the world. None at all. Anywhere. Nobody will cherish it, and nothing will change because of it. Egalitarianism as a concept is by merit of this, not an intrinsic human disposition, but an intellectual social construct.

As a man most people won’t help you for being weak, they don’t sympathise with your weakness, they laugh at you and “how you could ever let yourself get like that.”

As a man, they laugh at you and they enjoy ridiculing your weakness as it makes them feel powerful to know that they’re not at the bottom of the food chain. They indulge in the antithesis between your weakness and their power because it feels good and it reassures their own insecurities. Your weakness is a reminder for other men what not to be, or to allow themselves to become. What not to be is the only useful function that weak men serve to others.

For man there is oft nothing but Schadenfreude and contempt for his weakness. Some will kick you down further and call it tough love, and of those saying “tough love” few will mean it, thinking it may help a weak man bounce back. Others don’t mean it, they just don’t care and don’t want to look bad for being uncaring.

That’s why “the whole macho thing” is something that women will never truly understand the purpose of, because it’s not something they need to rely upon to be respected or respect themselves. They ask men to open up to the fragility of their humanity at their own peril, unaware of how self-condemning such an exercise is for man. Unaware how quickly even the smallest iota of weakness a man indulges in can consume and transform said man into a bumbling joke.

Women don’t have to be strong, or emulate strength or pretend to be strong for anything but their kids, they get to be weak and look for someone to be strong for them and they will still be respected as humans for making that choice. The women who do manage to become strong, do so to their own detriment, taking on the role of man and masculinising to achieve strength, making themselves unattractive to men in the process. Where there is compassion and sympathy for the weakness of women, there is little if any, for men. The homeless statistics reinforce this idea across humanity.

A weak woman is an unfortunate woman and she can still be attractive to men. She is unfortunate in the sense that nobody assumes her undoing is her own fault. A weak man is a failed man, unattractive to both men and women alike. A failure in that it is assumed he didn’t have what it takes to succeed, there being nobody to blame but him. As I stated prior, women aren’t the experimental sex, men are. And so as men we’re all held personally responsible for the experiment that we call “our lives.” It’s all or nothing. Death or glory. Carpe diem

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